Once Upon a Tower


Escape from a tower with the help of your hammer


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Once Upon a Tower is an action platformer where you play a princess locked at the top of a tower guarded by a dragon. Your heroine is desperate to get out, and luckily she's got a huge war hammer to destroy the floor of her prison.

To strike blows with your hammer just swipe your finger. Swipe downward to hit the ground and break the brick under your princess's feet to make her drop down to the floor below. You can also break blocks to either side or above you. And of course, you can use the hammer to hit any enemy that gets in your way.

During your intrepid escape attempt you'll have to face lots of dangers. Normal monsters make things a bit hard, but can be destroyed with a swift blow of your hammer if you're quick and dexterous enough. But there are other dangers, as well. You've got to evade spike traps, bombs, and even the dragon.

Once Upon a Tower is a very fun game that puts a terrific spin on the stereotype of the princess locked in the tower. Plus the game's graphics are gorgeous and you can unlock tons of stuff, like outfits or upgrades for your protagonist.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher